"Bye", painted by Darlene Graeser from Unconscious on Canvas in May 2013 depicts an intriguing moment in a woman's life. Where is she going? Why is she going?  What is she leaving behind and what is she thinking?  Her eyes depict complex emotions, the rain drops on the car window underscore the sadness. It is one of the most commented upon images in the collection.


"Deface" Duvet Cover

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Deface Duvet Cover-2.jpg


"Fascinator" 48"x48" acrylic on canvas
by the FABULOUS Darlene Graeser 2017

"I've been pondering lately all of the ways we distance ourselves from others. Usually it is more subtle than depicted in my painting, but I loved the image of such a bold rebuff that is nevertheless oddly fascinating for the man while still quite ambivalent for the woman. "If you can tolerate the stink, then maybe I'll give you a glance".