I've been pondering lately the many "me's" that I have been. Each previous one informing the next one. And with every new incarnation there has been an initiation of sorts that has left its mark on my soul. The more profound the mark, the greater the learning. I guess we get juicier with each passing moment, experience, tragedy, or joy.

This painting emerged out of that incubation. Gratitude to the Unconscious and to the Mystery--the door awaits...

Initiation_                                                                                                                                                                   _3467.jpg

"Muffet and Dumpty

A 48 x 60 acrylic on canvas painting by Darlene Graeser created in 2016. This piece appears to me to be a statement on co-dependency. She tried and tried to tell him to stay off that wall, but Humpty didn't listen. He never listens. It's his nature. Muffet just wanted to help. Let's hope she's finally listening. Breakfast anyone? 

This original piece is currently for sale, please contact us for more information. 

Muffet and Dumpty_3477.jpg

"becoming BLU"


I painted and completed in June of 2018 “becoming BLU” as a tribute to my grandson who I have painted so many times since his birth and am so grateful for this boy as my subject. He is so dear and so dynamic at the same moment. In honor of Cassidy blu’s graduation from high school and his first steps into college and the outside world I offer you this painting— “becoming BLU”, along with the blessing of peace, love, and harmony. Carry On...

becoming BLU.JPG

"Ruby's Repose"

“Ruby’s Repose” just completed! Another wonderful depiction of my beloved granddaughter. I’ve been painting my grandchildren since they were babies. I always feel so intimate with them during the process and hate when I complete the canvas. This is “Ruby’s Repose”. Since my very first painting of her I have felt her magic and her connection to earth. Each painting is meant to be a grandmother’s honor to her beloved children and grandchildren. This piece is currently for sale, please contact us for more information. 

Ruby's Repose.jpg