"Ruby's Repose"

“Ruby’s Repose” just completed! Another wonderful depiction of my beloved granddaughter. I’ve been painting my grandchildren since they were babies. I always feel so intimate with them during the process and hate when I complete the canvas. This is “Ruby’s Repose”. Since my very first painting of her I have felt her magic and her connection to earth. Each painting is meant to be a grandmother’s honor to her beloved children and grandchildren. This piece is currently for sale, please contact us for more information. 

Ruby's Repose.jpg


"Bye", painted by Darlene Graeser from Unconscious on Canvas in May 2013 depicts an intriguing moment in a woman's life. Where is she going? Why is she going?  What is she leaving behind and what is she thinking?  Her eyes depict complex emotions, the rain drops on the car window underscore the sadness. It is one of the most commented upon images in the collection.


"Deface" Duvet Cover

Create a unique look for your home with Unconscious On Canvas artwork printed in a variety of items including duvet covers, pillows, prints, and more!

To order your favorite painting please click on the "Art Prints for Sale" tab or copy and paste the link to your browser. 


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